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Fulbourn Parish Council Sub Committees

Allotments, Environment & Cemetery (A.C.E.)
J Rickett, K Johnson, T Lockwood, J Sitton, D Smith

*M Drage, D Brown, G Cone, J Sitton, D Thorn

Community Safety & Policing
D Brown, M Drage, R Newell, G Ward

*M Drage, G Cone, R Newell, D Thorn,  

*, R Lacey, T Lockwood, R Newell, J Rickett, J Shepherd

* D Smith and all members

Recreation Ground
*G Ward, D Brown, S Dawson, R Lacey, J Rickett, D Smith

The Swifts
*D Thorn, D Brown, M Drage

* M Drage, D Brown, S Dawson, K Johnson, R Newell
* Sub Committee Chair
Full List of Parish Councillors and their responsibilities

Representatives on other Committees

Charities R Lacey & S Hardwick
Fulbourn Primary School J Rickett 
Marshalls Consultative Committee D Smith
Parish Plan Action Group M Drage
Police Panel Meetings D Brown, M Drage & G Ward
Res - Windfarm D Thorn
Townley Trust D Brown & J Rickett


For all Parish Council enquiries please contact:

Council Offices
The Fulbourn Centre
Home End
CB21 5BS
Clerk to the Council

Mrs P. Newman
Tel: 01223 881042

Email Enquiries
or use Contact Form

Office Opening Hours

Mon, Wed, Fri: 9:30-12