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Bus timetable changes


Changes to the no. 17 and no. 18 bus services

 From 4 January 2017 there were important changes to the timetable of the No17 bus service, and from 17 January to the No18 bus service.
The fully commercial, unsubsidised, No17 service by Stagecoach has been running four times a day (Monday to Saturday, two-hourly) from the Fen Estate, Chesterton via the Grafton Centre and the Beehive Centre, to Fulbourn (High Street and White Hart), and then returning to the Fen Estate. In addition, a single early morning run of the No17 came from Stetchworth, through Fulbourn (Six Bells, 07.57hr) and the Beehive Centre/Grafton Centre to the City Centre, returning from the City Centre at 17.45hr back to Stetchworth, again via the Beehive Centre/Chesterton Road and Fulbourn.

The two-hourly day-time service has now been discontinued leaving just the early morning service from Stetchworth to the City Centre, and the late afternoon service from the City Centre to Stetchworth. There is no longer a link to Chesterton. These two remaining No17 services, run through Fulbourn, in the morning (Monday to Friday) leaving the Six Bells at 07.39hr (earlier than before), and in the late afternoon leaving Emmanuel Street at 18.00hr (later than before). The corresponding times on Saturday are 07.57hr and 17.45hr.

Discussions have taken place with County but, being a commercial service, they have no control and no resources for subsidies. However, it has been confirmed that the subsidy for the No18 service by Whippet Coaches, three times a week (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday) to Newmarket will continue for at least another year (until April 2018), and County have been able to negotiate a small change to the route which will provide a partial replacement (indirect) link to the Beehive Centre and the Grafton Centre via Newmarket Road, Cambridge.

The No18 service will now commence in Little Wilbraham at 09.30hr, stop at the Six Bells, Fulbourn at 09.40hr, before continuing through Teversham to the City Centre (Drummer Street Bus Station) via Newmarket Road. Stops in Newmarket Road will give access via a short walk to the Beehive Centre and the Grafton Centre – the buses cannot use Coldhams Lane because the double-deckers are unable to get under the railway bridge. Arriving in the City Centre at 10.08hr, the bus will leave at 10.15hr to return along the same route to Teversham, Fulbourn (10.40hr, High Street) and the Wilbrahams, then to Newmarket, arriving at 11.10hr. The bus returns from Newmarket at 13.30hr arriving in Fulbourn at 14.00hr before continuing to Cambridge, arriving 14.28hr. The bus then returns to Teversham only, arriving 14.53hr. Anyone wishing to return to Fulbourn from the Beehive Centre or Grafton Centre can catch the Stagecoach No3 service in Newmarket Road (heading in the City Centre direction).

New timetables will be displayed outside the pharmacy in Fulbourn High Street – please check these to confirm that the above is still correct.

David Cottee, Fulbourn Forum for community action








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