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Fulbourn has three Charities: Bishop's, Caraway's and Elizabeth March managed by nine Trustees. The Trustees manage the Charities under the rules set by the Charity Commissioners, which allows them to help village people in a wide variety of ways either by grants of money or providing equipment or services for people with special needs. They are often able to help where State Aid is for some reason unavailable.

Bishop's and Caraway's Charities

Charity History

Geoffrey Bishop and John Caraway were both parish priests in Fulbourn in the 15th century. Both gave money in their wills to set up charities to help the poorer people of the village which continues to this day. Since the two charities have similar purposes, the same trustees administer them both.


Under these charities help can be considered and obtained for a wide variety of needs, including for example – home heating, clothing, holiday and travel expenses, music tuition, furniture, bedding, special food, help in the home and loans of expensive apparatus.

Elizabeth March Charity

Charity History

Elizabeth March was born in Fulbourn in 1636. During her lifetime she conveyed a house and farm in Oakington for the foundation of schools in the parishes of Fulbourn, Brinkley and Histon. At her death in 1722, she was buried in All Saints church, Fulbourn. To record her generosity a black marble tablet was erected. When this church fell, her remains and the memorial tablet were transferred to the east corner of St. Vigor's church.


This charity is to assist young people, students and apprentices. Their needs could be for books, tools, tuition, travelling expenses, educational trips, and has recently been extended to be available to those students studying especially, mathematics and engineering.

Applications for both charities be made by contacting any of the Trustees or Clerk listed below. Any information received will be treated in confidence. Help is available to any resident in Fulbourn. It is not necessary to have lived in the village for a long time to qualify for help.


The following Trustees are for both charities, and all reside in Fulbourn.

Rev. A. Goodman The Rectory, CB21 5EY 01223 880337
Mr. P. Hodgson Coppins, Church Lane, CB21 5EP 01223 881085
Mrs. R. Kindred Lodge Farm, CB21 5HR 07836 229296
Mr. R Lacey Wilbraham Road, CB21 5ET 01223 881469
Mrs. P. Newman 34 Caraway Road, CB21 5DU 01223 881548
Mrs. L. Norden 20, Cherry Orchard, CB21 5EH 01223 880799
Mr. B. Pope 30a, Pierce Lane, CB21 5DL 01223 574413
Mrs. J, Svensson 19, Geoffrey Bishop Av. CB21 5BU 01223 880605
Mr. A. Chaplin 6, Doggett Lane, CB21 5BT 01223 880722

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